Wanda Auto's Acquisition of Praise Shares Becomes I…

The US-listed Wonder Auto Technology (Inc.) announced on the 20th that it had acquired the 38.36% stake in Applaud Group Limited through its two wholly-owned subsidiary companies, becoming the highest praise for the company. shareholder. In the statement, Wonder said that its wholly-owned-----

Exploring the "big but not strong" dilemma of…

In the first year of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, mechanical parts and components became the focus of the industry. The "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for China Construction Machinery Industry" formally released on July 31st proposed to adjust the development focus of the con-----

Neapco Holding opens Asia office in Shanghai

Recently, Neapco Holding, a leading automotive parts manufacturer, announced the opening of its Asian operations office in Shanghai, China. The establishment of the PepsiCo will provide technical and project support to Neapco’s growing Asian automotive supplier through its axles and transmi-----

Japanese shipyard ship board ordered to abandon Japan

Due to the appreciation of the yen, Japanese shipyards will require Japanese steel mills to reduce the price of ship plates, otherwise they will use the ship plates imported from South Korea and China instead. This is revealed by three people familiar with the Japanese shipyard's request for st-----

How to choose a miniature pump

In our micro-pumps, there are four series, and between different series, their technical parameters are completely different. For some not very professional customers, the selection is particularly important. So how can we choose the type of micro-pump to buy a satisfactory product? A de-----