Sprinkler troubleshooting

Sprinklers general failure causes and troubleshooting methods: First, the pump can not absorb water: 1 , the inlet pipe is not sealed : it should be checked paragraph by paragraph, to eliminate the fault of the leak; 2. The speed of the sprinkler engine -----

Dongfeng Kaipute Wrecker

project unit parameter Car announcement chassis model EQ1070TJ9AD3 Fuel type Diesel Chassis based on standard GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 State III Total mass Kg 7490 Rated contained mass Kg Maintenance quality Kg 5495 Vehicle - Long - Wide ------

Sprinklers are a simple way to find faults

The following describes a simple method of finding faults—the truncation method. This method finds the fault location based on the gas system schematic diagram. The “truncation method” refers to the system that first finds the fault on t-----