Huang Forging successfully developed the world's largest CNC bending machine

Hubei Sanhuan Huangshi Forging Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huang Forging) successfully developed the PPF6000/125 CNC bending forming machine. On December 12, it was officially launched through product appraisal and shipped to Mexico for export. It is reported that this equipment is the largest tonnage CNC bending machine in the world. After careful review, the appraisal committee composed of senior experts in the industry believed that the research and development of the product successfully filled the domestic gap, marking a major breakthrough in the design and system integration level of China's heavy-duty CNC forging technology equipment.
The overall technology has reached the world's advanced level. According to reports, this equipment has a working pressure of 6,000 tons and a physical quality of more than 1,200 tons. It has high precision, flexibility and high level of complete set. It has automatic feeding, automatic feeding, bending forming and rotating tube. The functions of blank and quick discharge can be used for continuous automatic production of large straight seam welded pipes and large steel structural parts of various shapes. In the development of this complete set of equipment, Huang Forging carried out deep integration innovation and original innovation, and captured a series of key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and obtained a number of important patents. At the same time, Huangteng has also successfully developed the first six-cylinder electro-hydraulic servo synchronous control technology in China. Its positioning accuracy and repeatability are much higher than those of similar foreign products. The innovative design of independent car discharge and high-speed synchronous feeding device, It can realize fast feeding and discharging, greatly improve the production efficiency of the machine tool; novel workbench plus convex compensation technology, realizes intelligent automatic feedback compensation of bending error; self-developed large straight seam welded pipe bending forming process software, fills up Domestic blank.
The core competitiveness of independent innovation has developed from a local enterprise to the top three in the industry, and has become the most core competitiveness of the national machinery industry. It should be said that it is a continuous independent innovation, which has caused tremendous changes in Huang Forging.
In 1981, Huang Forging invested 40,000 US dollars, introduced 17 kinds of hydraulic shearing and folding machine tool manufacturing technology from LVD Company of Belgium, and entered the hydraulic technology era from mechanical technology. The comprehensive performance of its leading products has increased by 15 years. From the end of 1989 to the end of the "Eighth Five-Year Plan", Huang Forging introduced six times and re-absorbed the technology of Belgium, the United States, Germany, and Japan, and digested and improved it, so that the company has always developed synchronously with foreign advanced technology on the same starting line. Especially after undertaking the key projects of the “Eighth Five-Year Plan”—the CNC shearing and folding machine, Huangteng realized a leap from hydraulic technology to CNC technology, and began to accumulate high-tech varieties with independent intellectual property rights. During this period, Huang Forging has been doing OEM production for LVD for 8 years. Since 1996, Huang Forging has embarked on the road of independent innovation. In 2002, Huang Forging successfully developed a 5,200-ton bending machine for the West-East Gas Transmission Project, which was ranked third in the world and first in Asia. In 2004, it successfully developed the world's largest wide-width 16-meter shearing machine. Exported to South Korea; in 2005, Huangteng exported South Korea's HGSK160/13 CNC shearing machine, which is the world's widest table top large-scale CNC shearing machine; and this successful research and development of 6,000 tons of bending machines, the original innovation and Independent innovation as one, with complete intellectual property rights, Huang Forging thus realized the amazing turn from “technical introduction” to “product teacher” LVD company. In the future, LVD will become its European agent, and both parties will jointly design and jointly occupy the international market.
Advance to the world famous brand If you only rely on the introduction, there is no first-class product developed independently, and it is difficult to form the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Therefore, after each preliminary introduction of digestion and absorption of technology introduction, Huang Forging shifted the focus of product development to independent innovation in a timely manner. On the basis of the introduction of technology, bold innovation and courage to surpass, and promote the product variety and grades continue to develop in depth. Now, Huangjin has developed more than 3 new products and more than 20 deformation products every year. Introducing innovation from a high starting point, adopting new technologies, and responding quickly to the market, forming a core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights, forging the comprehensive competitiveness of Huang Forging. According to reports, the overall technical level of Huang Forging products has maintained a leading domestic position for a long time, and it still leads the industry for 5 years.
In 2005, Huang Forging achieved a breakthrough in the “China Famous Brand” in Hubei Machinery Industry. During the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, 58 new products were developed, of which CNC and large-scale products accounted for more than 80%. In the two markets at home and abroad, the “Huangteng” brand has been widely recognized, and the sales area is spread all over the world. It is another vision of the decision-making level of the enterprise to make the yellow forging into the research base of CNC forging machine tools in China.

(Source: China Industry News)

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