Dongfeng Houqiao Superplasticizer Transporter

Product trademark

Chu Sheng card

Vehicle name

Dongfeng Rear Shuangqiao Sprinkler (free vehicle purchase tax)

Vehicle model


company address

Suizhou Economic Development Zone Jiliang Avenue Special 9


Xigong Chusheng (Hubei) Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Announcement batch / release date

2001m8 228/20110824

Chassis model


engine model

B210 33

Engine power


Engine manufacturer

Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

engine capacity


Total mass (Kg)


Overall size ( length / width / height )

9990 × 2480 × 3150

Service quality (kg)


Front passenger ( person )


Rated load mass (kg)


Approach angle / departure angle


Front suspension / rear suspension

1245/3095, 1245/3045

Wheelbase (mm)


Axle load

7000/18000 ( with two axes installed )

Number of axes


Number of springs

8/13, 8/12

Number of tires


Tire specifications


Front track


Rear track


Chassis configuration

The flat headband is located in the cab and is equipped with a Cummins 210- horsepower EGR engine, Datong 6- speed gearbox, an air brake, and power steering.

Tank configuration

The actual volume of the tank: 19.31 cubic meters, the tank dimensions ( long × long axis × short axis ) (mm): 6800 × 2350 × 1540 . The tank body is made of high-quality carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation. The tank body is elliptical. A large-scale coiling machine is used to form the tank, and multiple anti-wave partitions are installed in the tank body to make the tank body carry stable and durable. The exterior of the tank is painted with decorative paint and rust-proof paint. Advanced paint spraying technology is adopted to make the tank body beautiful and full of color, and the coloring is stable and firm.

The inside of the tank is laid with a steel wire mesh, made of polyethylene rotomolding, reinforced rotomolded partitions, and a rotomolded layer thickness of 16mm .

Dedicated configuration

Hangzhou Weilong high-power sprinkler pump is equipped with two suction pipes and fire joints with the length of the tank body (connecting with fire hydrants). Debris filter, fire GB Universal Interface (water may be added through the hydrant), self-priming from the row, the maximum suction 7m 2 diversion wire hose (with male and female quick connectors), with a lock. Both sides and rear reinforced bumpers, all steel anti-skid ladders.

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