When hanging the bucket garbage truck in the slope section, remember to forget to pull the handbrake

Hanging bucket garbage trucks may not be in danger if they park on flat slopes and forget to pull the parking brake. However, if the bucket-type garbage truck encounters a traffic jam in the slope, the driver’s friends forget to pull the parking brake. It is very dangerous. . why? Listen to me one by one below.

Hanging barrel-type garbage trucks in the Banpo are blocked. At this time, the energy of the driver's friends is often concentrated on the accelerator pedal and the loose clutch, and the foot brake is ignored. At this time, the vehicle will slide, and other vehicles behind The sound of a horned warning made people feel more nervous. In a hurried manner, they lifted the clutch and the car would go out of flames. Then they would quickly fall backwards, resulting in vehicles hitting behind them and traffic accidents.

So, what is the correct way of doing this?

When a hanging garbage truck is stuck on a half-slope and the phenomenon of slipping occurs, the first thing the driver's friends must do is to calm down. Do not panic and quickly stop the brakes. Stop, then gently pull the handbrake, and slowly loosen the foot brake. At this point, it is best not to leave the foot brake. After confirming that the handbrake is firmly secured, release the foot brake. Summarized as follows: after the slip → step foot brake → handle brake → loose foot brake.

In short, be calm and calm, face calmly and operate correctly. Here is a reminder that, in daily driving, it is best to maintain a certain distance from other vehicles, once the car back, you should immediately take a series of make-up measures such as step foot brake, handle brake. In addition, when parking for a long time, be sure to remember to pull the handbrake. Only by developing good parking habits can we effectively prevent the occurrence of various accidents.


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