Installation points of the internal structure of the small ball mill

The small ball mill is mainly composed of bearings, rotating parts, transmission parts, linings and other components. However, since the installation of the ball mill components is not as simple as other equipment, often due to improper installation, the machine malfunctions during operation, which affects the machine production. Therefore, when installing components, pay more attention to them. The following is a brief description of the installation points of the internal structure of the small ball mill.

Liner Installation When installing the ball mill liner, care should be taken to remove the internal grease. During the installation process, the gap of the lining plate should be no more than 16mm, and then the spiral of the lining plate should be fixed. Also carefully seal the packing and gasket to prevent leakage of mineral powder.

When the bearing part is installed in the bearing part of the ball mill, no matter which kind of installation method is adopted, it must be ensured that the processing surface on the bearing chassis should be on the same level as the horizontal surface. The level should be checked by the level or level; the feeding must be carried out. The main bearing of the end cap is slightly moved outward by the nominal dimension of the installation to meet the need for the cylinder to elongate due to heat (referred to as dry); and the screw hole of the anchor should not be filled with cement at all, but should be at the upper end of the spiral 300 Just over the millimeter. Finally, when installing the oil supply device, it is necessary to adjust the gap between the oil scraper and the oil ring to prevent the card from being stuck and make the oil supply work smoothly.

The installation and transmission part of the transmission part is the key installation object of the ball mill. For example, when installing large and small gears, pay attention to check the parallelism of the center line of the large and small gears. The imbalance should not exceed the standard requirements, and the flank of the card gear. The gap should be guaranteed to be in the range of 0.4-1.2 mm. Finally, special attention should be paid to the application of color inspection when inspecting the contact of the tooth surface, and the contact length must not be less than 50% of the tooth length, and the joint height should not be less than 60% of the tooth height.

Installation of the rotating part In the installation of the rotating part, the dirt on all the connecting and mating surfaces should be removed first. Secondly, it is not allowed to use the lifting ring on the end cover to lift the entire rotating part, and no gasket is allowed on the contact surface of the cylinder flange and the inlet and outlet flanges (but a layer of lead should be applied before assembly). During the installation process, be careful not to scratch and hurt the neck working surface, and when installing the neck, the level should be checked. The horizontal deviation of the centerline of the journals at both ends should not exceed 5 mm. Finally, after all the installations are correct, proceed to the next step.

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