How to quickly and correctly select a good machining center

1. Before selection of the object to be processed

The first thing to do is to clearly prepare the object for processing. In general, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for machining in a machining center: Multi-process intensive work pieces refer to the need to use many tools for machining on one work piece. Positioning cumbersome workpieces, for example, have a porous machining that requires positioning accuracy from the hole, which is convenient to implement because of its high positioning accuracy. Repeated production of the workpiece is suitable for processing single-piece small batch production. Small batches refer to 1 to 100 pieces, and each batch is small, but it requires repeated production.

In addition, even if the workpieces are different in shape and size, they are similar workpieces and parts of the GT process can be easily realized. Complex shaped parts molds, aerospace parts, and other complex shaped parts can be processed on the machining center by means of automatic programming techniques. Box type and board parts use rotary table on the horizontal machining center to carry out multi-face machining on box parts, such as spindle box, pump body, valve body, and engine block. If the top surface is also to be clamped at one time, the pentahedron machining center can be used. Vertical machining center is suitable for machining cover lid cylinder heads, cams, etc. Gantry machining center is used to process large-scale box and plate parts, such as cylinder block, machining center column, bed, and printing wallboard machine.

2. Selection of machine specifications According to the determined size of the machined workpiece, the table size of the required machine tool and the travel of the three linear coordinate systems are determined accordingly. The size of the table should ensure that the workpiece can be smoothly mounted on the workpiece, the processing dimensions must be within each coordinate stroke, in addition to the limitations of the tool change space and the interference area of ​​each coordinate.

3. The accuracy of the selected machine center is classified into the normal type and the precision type. The main precision items are listed in the following table: Machining Center Main Accuracy Item Accuracy Item Normal Type (mm) Precise Type (mm) Linear Positioning Accuracy ±0.01/Full Range ± 0.005/full repeat positioning accuracy ±0.006±0.002.

Machining is a form of subtractive manufacturing utilizing sharp tools to physically remove material

to achieve a desired geometry.Our custom CNC machining is carried out by automatic screw machines,

CNC turning machines, and CNC machining centers.


We supply two categories of CNC machined parts:

(1) Parts machined from formed materials such as rod, sheet, and block.

(2) Parts machined after casting, forging, stamping, (metal) injection molding, and powered metals.

Machining Parts

Machining Parts

Machining Parts

Machining Parts

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