Luoyang Petrochemical: Independently Reforming Pelletizer to Increase Production Efficiency

Prior to the Luoyang Petrochemical Polypropylene pelletizer, the fitters in the maintenance workshop of the company were busy disassembling the old pelletizer template. The technicians of the equipment pointed at the circular metal plate with smooth and bright surfaces and many small holes arranged neatly. The reporter told reporters: “The new template with a larger hole diameter and more holes is to be replaced. After the injection, the production capacity of the granulator can be greatly improved. It is expected that more than 8,000 tons of polypropylene finished pellets can be produced each year. Promote the further improvement of economic efficiency of enterprises."

The company's polypropylene main unit uses Japan Mitsui's process technology, and its original design capacity is 56,000 tons of polypropylene products per year. In recent years, the capability has reached 90,000 tons so far through the expansion of the device. However, the original installed polypropylene granulator template has insufficient design and production processing capacity, which has become a major “bottleneck” that restricts the high-load production of the granulator, resulting in monthly production of about 1200 tons of powder, and the price per ton of powder is low. The price of pellets is around several hundred yuan, resulting in greater loss of benefits. In order to change the unfavorable situation, the company deployed elite troops in November last year and set up a team to expand the capacity of granulators and improve production processing capabilities.

The company's research team focused on the future direction of the company's production, and after rigorous and meticulous research, it established the "enhance powder powder feeder capacity", "enlarge the screen filter area", "conquering the summer temperature of the main motor winding temperature is too high" and " The main attack project such as reforming the granulator template was carried out and the specific division of labor was carried out to clarify the job responsibilities. Through consulting data, information research, and seminars, they formulated feasible plans to strengthen the monitoring of the production process and steadily progressed. Through unremitting efforts, we have successively completed research projects such as increasing the capacity of powder feeders and expanding the screen area. In January this year, the production capacity of polypropylene granulators has been significantly improved. However, due to the small number of holes in the template and the small pore size, the processing capability of the granulator is still limited to a certain degree and cannot reach an ideal state.

For this reason, in line with the principle of “comparing goods and inexpensive,” the company has selected a domestic template with performance indicators that are comparable to imported templates. The price is only a quarter of imported templates. Recently, the company dismantled the old template and replaced it with a domestic template with a 20% increase in the number of holes and a 0.2 mm increase in hole diameter. After the domestic template was installed and put into operation, the company successfully carried out a high-load operation test of the granulator. The production load of the granulator was increased from 9.5 tons per hour to 10.5 tons per hour, and at the same time, the rotation speed of the cutter was reduced, and the reduction was achieved. The loss of cutters and stencils has improved the operating conditions of the melt gear pump motor and effectively ensured the safe and stable operation of the polypropylene granulation equipment under high load conditions.

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