Ground source heat pump comprehensive utilization method

This project through technology research, research for the hotel, hotel, school and other buildings of ground source heat pump heating and cooling technology; hotel and hotel industry to explore alternative heating, heat pump system to optimize the match; through technology promotion and application , The establishment of integrated heat pump heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, hot water in one integrated utilization demonstration sites, through the demonstration project to heat pump heating and cooling technology in Guangdong has been widely promoted.

Combined with the unique climate characteristics of the southern region, in addition to ground source heat pump for building air conditioning, especially suitable for hot water supply hotels. Located in the subtropical region of Guangdong, the climate is hot and the annual average temperature is about 23 ℃. It is one of the three economically developed regions in China. Commercial prosperity, many floating people, a variety of commercial buildings, lodging hotels, located in the forefront of the country, therefore, to promote the use of ground source heat pump provides a huge potential market.

Due to the global warming, the power load in Guangdong has also been greatly affected. In July and August 2003, the electricity load was nearly 20% higher than that of the same period of 2002, while one-third of the electricity load came from air-conditioning electricity. Currently, the number of air-conditioners in every hundred households in Guangzhou has exceeded 160, the power consumption of air conditioners is obviously higher than that of other cities, and there is a growing trend. At present, residential buildings and other residential buildings in Guangdong air-conditioning and domestic hot water use more "household air-conditioning air conditioner + water heater (gas, electricity)." With the improvement of living standards of residents, this traditional mode will undoubtedly greatly increase the load of electricity in Guangdong, resulting in electricity shortage. To this end, it is necessary for Guangdong to work on energy conservation in buildings and related equipment.

Therefore, the application of ground source heat pump technology in Guangdong has a good prospect. For general residential buildings such as residential buildings, schools and hospitals, the use of this technology instead of the traditional "household air-cooled air conditioner + water heater (gas, electricity)" mode can save 20% of electricity consumption and relieve the pressure of electricity shortage in Guangzhou ; For hotels and other buildings, the use of technology to replace the "refrigerator + oil-fired boiler", you can save 40% of the monthly emissions of 5,000 tons of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, 60 tons of SO2 gas, which for improving the region's cities Atmospheric environment has very important significance.

Ground source heat pump main technical performance and indicators:

The technical innovation of the local source heat pump project is mainly reflected in:

(1) Ground source heat pump systems, while providing domestic hot water required for hotels and restaurants, generate chilled water for air conditioners, which consumes as much power as a chiller unit that generates the same cooling capacity without increasing the user's electricity load. Therefore, Completely saving the amount of fuel required to provide domestic hot water, saving a lot of operating costs, significant economic benefits;

(2) The heat generated by the ground source heat pump system is derived from the waste heat energy discharged from the ground source and the indoor of the building, and this part of the waste heat mainly comes from the solar energy and the heat emitted by the equipment and human body in the building. Therefore, the ground source heat pump system Mainly make full use of renewable energy;

(3) Ground-source heat pump system does not emit any harmful substances during operation. At the same time, it reduces the heat released to the environment by the combustion of oil and the heat released to the environment by the refrigeration system, thereby reducing the heat island heat pollution caused by the building effect.

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