The new rotary knife sewing machine becomes a new favorite

In order to expand brand awareness, sewing equipment manufacturers have tried their best to organize product promotion activities in various forms. The most competitive is in the Putian area of ​​Fujian Province. From September to late November this year, there are famous brands such as “Brothers”, “Heavy Machines”, “Standards”, “Fushan” and “Zhongjie”. A promotion meeting was held, and the same area, the same hotel, and the same agent were selected.

"This is not an accident, it is not a romance." What makes Putian, a place that was not favored by people, become the target of public opinion, let us first understand the current situation of Putian. Putian is located in the middle section of the southeastern coast of Fujian Province. It borders the Taiwan Strait in the east, the Happiness hinterland in the west, and the golden triangle in the south of Fujian. It is a strategically prosperous place for the southeastern economic prosperity belt and the south. The obvious location advantage, the strong overseas Chinese capital and the traditional business atmosphere make it a must for business. Well-known clothing companies such as Caizi, Kajumi, Yundun and Jinwei Shijia have settled in Putian. In particular, the Taiwan-funded footwear industry is even more brilliant. It blooms everywhere and occupies half of the Putian economy.

The flowers are coming from the butterfly. The prosperity of the clothing industry and the footwear industry has attracted the attention of many sewing equipment manufacturers. Chen Yugui, general manager of Putian City Hanhua Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., has been busy for a few months. He touched his little "hair" on his head and said half-jokingly, "The hair will be opened soon." . Indeed, as an agent of many sewing machine brands, he has to be entertained when he comes to a meeting. However, despite the late arrival of Zhongjie, Chen has a special liking.

Chen Yugui believes that there are comparisons to see the pros and cons, and there is competition to develop each other. Zhongjie is not afraid to follow the footsteps of holding a product promotion meeting here. It just shows that Zhongjie has strong strength and dares to face competition and meet challenges.

Zhongjie did not disappoint Chen Yugui. In the sewing machine market where products are homogenized, Zhongjie can continue to innovate. Among the many brands operated by Hanhua, Zhongjie’s sales are far ahead. At the product promotion meeting on November 21st, Zhongjie not only exhibited ZJ5790 automatic electronic round buttonhole machine, ZJ1900ASS high speed electronic knotting machine, ZJ2290 electronic high speed zigzag seam, ZJ457B high speed zigzag sewing machine and other high-end products, but also launched a The latest R&D and marketed ZJ9700 series high-speed direct-drive micro-oil sewing machine, this model almost combines all the advantages of high-speed sewing machine to make up for the shortage of other similar machines. It is suitable for casual wear and all kinds of thin and medium thick seams. System, for the majority of clothing industry friends brought surprises. During the exhibition, orders have come to the forefront and become the new favorite in the sewing equipment industry.

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