Bosch Motor Show to Push Diesel Engine Technology Again

On November 20th, the Bosch Group's top executives participated in the “Diesel Truck Test Drive Day” event jointly organized by the China Automotive Industry Association and the German Automobile Industry Association at the Beijing Golden Port International Circuit.

Kong Lude, director of the Bosch Group and head of Asia-Pacific operations, specifically stated at the press conference held that the common-rail diesel injection system co-produced by Bosch and Wuxi Weifu was being shown to the people at the Beijing Auto Show, this time with the Chinese government officials. Together, they have experienced many advantages of modern diesel engine vehicles. This will be an important event for Bosch to promote advanced diesel technology in China.

The promotion of diesel engines is a delicious but hard nut to crack. Bosch’s efforts to promote diesel technology in China over the years seem to be paying off. President Peng Deyuan, president of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd. who visited the 2006 Beijing International Auto Show, also said with deep feeling: "This year's Auto Show saw a variety of MPVs and SUVs that use diesel engines, and they have also indicated that they have reached Euro III even. This is a Euro IV emission standard, which is very gratifying."

"Since the 1990s, Bosch has invested 5 billion euros in the R&D of high pressure diesel common rail technology. It is precisely because we believe that the advanced diesel technology has great potential in China. We will firmly bring this advanced technology to China, and Perseverance is advocated and promoted.” Kong Lude once said that by 2007, Bosch will invest about 200 million euros in the production and research and development of advanced diesel systems.

Kong Lude said: “The Asia-Pacific region currently accounts for 15% of Bosch’s global sales. We hope that this proportion can be increased to 25% in the next 10 years; China currently accounts for 15% of the Asia-Pacific region’s business and 2.5% of Bosch’s global business. ”
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