How to improve the domestic construction machinery industry coating quality

China's construction machinery industry coating production line was basically built in the late 1980s, after 10 years of use, coupled with poor management, the current domestic construction machinery manufacturers most of the coating production line has been unable to meet production needs. This situation caused the construction machinery products in our country although the performance and quality gap with the international level gradually narrowed, but the quality of appearance and the gap between foreign products is great. Faced with increasingly fierce market competition, the experts put forward to improve the appearance quality of domestic construction machinery several suggestions: 1, to improve the utilization of coating equipment to increase the layout of the layout of the current domestic construction machinery coating technology development, while maintaining the coating project While minimizing coating costs and maximizing functionality, it is imperative to explore coatings and coating processes that meet the social demands of high resource utilization and eliminate or prevent environmental pollution. There are many kinds of construction machinery (up to a thousand kinds), high self-made rate; many types of parts and components, complex shapes, dead ends and big differences in size, user's use conditions of the products are different, Sexual requirements are different. All of these put forward higher requirements for the coating technology. However, the general principle is that energy should be rationally used, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and health and fire protection should be adopted; advanced and mature process equipment should be adopted to ensure rational distribution and smooth logistics. Follow the above principles, engineering machinery can be divided into coating machine line, big line and small line. The whole coating line conveyor chain machine form, ground wear-resistant ground requirements. Use the hydraulic lift to open the car to the car, transported by the ground chain (overweight car using their own way of delivery). Cleaning room with stainless steel structure, the upper part of the exhaust device is set on both sides of the water vapor out of the workshop, after cleaning the workpiece with compressed air drying or self-drying; the whole selection of water spin paint spray booth, winter heating air-conditioned gas heating Wind; drying room using gas heating, the formation of hot air convection cycle, the organic waste gas combustion process through the combustion chamber. The large coating line adopts the automatic gourd to transfer the workpiece intermittently. The workpiece is operated according to each working cycle and circled for two times to complete the production of the primer and the middle coating. The spraying room adopts the water spin painting booth. Good operating environment. Spraying room to draw fresh air from outside, the winter air-conditioned gas heating for the wind, spray paint indoor temperature up to 15 degrees; drying room using gas directly heated to form a hot air circulation convection, drying chamber organic waste gas combustion through the combustion chamber deal with. Small pieces of coating line using ordinary hanging conveyor conveyor parts, production line speed by 2m / min, adjustable speed. Adopting hanging crane to assist the upper and lower workpieces, the spray booth uses a curtain spray booth, which includes an independent air supply and exhaust system. In winter, it is heated by gas for wind supply. The mist and coagulant is added in the circulation pool to facilitate workers to clean the lacquer residue promptly. Workers good working environment; primer drying room (heat flow) using gas heating, the chamber ends of the hot air curtain sealed to prevent heat loss; Zhongbian drying room with a hidden bridge gas drying room, good insulation effect, Beautiful and generous. The organic waste gas generated in the drying chamber is burned through the combustion chamber, and the exhaust gas in the flow-through chamber is purified by an activated carbon adsorption device. 2, coating quality requirements in the management of the protection of the quality of the film there are many factors, but there are: people, materials, equipment, quality, on-site, but these factors are inextricably linked with the management. Improve the rules and regulations for the current most of the domestic painting technology enterprises in terms of more positive significance. Personnel management: the operator's sense of responsibility, the operator's skill is the human factor affecting the quality of painting. First of all, to strengthen the training of operators (such as through learning, knowledge contests, technical competitions, etc.), improve operator skills. Second, the operator should be laid-off, fixed-duty, fixed responsibility. In addition, the system of assessment rewards and punishments should be established to improve the consciousness, responsibility and quality of the operators, and to exert the subjective initiative of staff and workers is a practical way of personnel management. Raw material management: strictly control the quality of raw materials such as paint, solvent and pretreatment liquid, and improve the technical guarantee of production. Technical personnel should regularly or irregularly process the coating process documents, the coating process implementation, the coating equipment condition and the coating Quality inspection; strict control of the production process and coating equipment and processes of the process parameters. Establish a quality control system Make a daily record, the implementation of responsibility chasing the new system. Equipment management: Painting equipment is to ensure the quality of the coating hardware, to meet the production equipment must have a good technical state, we must establish and improve the rules and regulations of the use of equipment. Develop equipment operating procedures, the responsibility of key equipment, responsible person system, regular inspection equipment operation and record; reasonable equipment maintenance and repair system, and effectively maintain the equipment. Quality Management: Painting is a more complex process. In order to ensure the quality of the coating, we should do the following: First, clear and clear the quality requirements of each process, increase the quality supervision of the whole machine and parts production process and the chase into the next process components, refine the quality Assessment. Site management: installation of testing components in the painting room, man-machine dialogue way to closely monitor indoor painting environment, to avoid environmental impact on the quality of the film; dust is painting natural enemies, workshops, spray booths, Drying room sanitation should be regularly cleaned; production site to locate the quantitative object, so logistics flow. At present, domestic construction machinery lacks a strong management concept and system for painting, which makes it difficult to make the coating industry a higher level. In today's highly competitive market, relying on scientific management and improving the quality of all staff and workers can we truly improve the overall coverage of domestic construction machinery and catch up with the advanced world standards.

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