China's first international chromatograph conference

The first Dalian International Chromatography Conference and Exhibition (DISEC) and the 30th International Conference on Capillary Chromatography co-hosted by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Chromatography Society, China Chromatography Society, and China Chromatography Professional Committee. The 4th International 2D Gas Chromatography Symposium was held on June 4-7 at Dalian World Expo Plaza.

Current chromatograms play a pivotal role in the development of various studies of genomics (proteomics, proteomics, and metabolomics) due to their strong ability to separate complex systems. With the development of information science and life science research of all human beings, separation scientific research including chromatography will also find a new starting point in the history of human science progress.

As the country with the fastest economic growth and growth in Asia at present, China, like most developing countries, faces many challenges such as resources, environment, population and health, and sustainable social development. Chromatography technology is being used to solve these major problems. The more important the role. In recent years, China has made great achievements in basic chromatographic research, technology development, and application development. The International Chromatographic Academic Conference will not only promote the rapid development of chromatographic science in China, but also drive and promote related petrochemicals and environmental protection. The development of the life science, materials science and equipment manufacturing industry will play an active role in enhancing China’s scientific and technological competitiveness and promoting international cooperation and collaboration.

In the three international conferences held at the same time, the international chromatographic professional academic conference was held for the first time in China. More than 600 representatives from 29 countries and regions around the world attended the conference. Nearly 60 domestic and foreign chromatograph instrument manufacturers and R&D institutions demonstrated the latest equipment and related products at the conference.

The International Conference on Capillary Gas Chromatography is the most famous academic conference in the field of capillary chromatography. It aims to reflect the latest developments in the field of separation science internationally, enhance the exchanges of international capillary chromatography researchers, and promote the development of capillary chromatography. Since the first international capillary chromatography conference was held in Italy in 1975, it has been held for 29 consecutive years this year. The conference is held alternately every year in the United States or Italy. This session is the first time it is held outside the United States and Italy.

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