Pump station assessment in pumping station management role

Pumping station assessment is to strengthen the pump station management and management work to improve the management level, and promote the pumping station project scientific, standardized and institutionalized management, the implementation of pump station assessment is to promote business management is an important measure. First, the pumping station assessment objectives, content and working methods The objective of pumping station assessment is to pump engineering management unit control assessment indicators to identify the existing problems and gaps, through improvement, there are plans to reduce the gap purposefully to Improve the level of pump station management purposes, to ensure that the overall level of the industry to improve. The contents of the pump station assessment work include: first, administration, including organization and management, staff management, archives management and environmental management; second, engineering and equipment management, including equipment availability, equipment maintenance, equipment and work environment, hub project protection; Third, production management, including operating system, on-site observation and monitoring, energy consumption, water supply and drainage management, safety management, scientific research and technological innovation; Fourth, management and financial management, including basic accounting and financial management, materials management, water meter Yield, extraction rate of annual depreciation, integrated operating margin, balance of payments. The formulation of pumping station assessment plan, conducted once a year, to take the county department in charge of joint assessment of the station, pumping station project management unit according to the assessment index itemized score for self assessment, the Municipal Water Resources Bureau of the county to review the assessment materials, Put forward the opinions of review, and report the assessment and summary report to the Department of Water Resources. The pump station engineering management unit that has reached a certain standard for all the examination scores shall be awarded the title of "Grade-standard Unit" by provincial and municipal competent departments and shall be rewarded. The examination results to reduce the original title, and awarded the appropriate title. Second, the role of pumping station assessment 1, to promote the operation and management, improve the management level pumping station project management unit to carry out quantitative management of the target assessment, the assessment of the four major categories of 20 items, with some scientific, covering the pump It is not easy to stick to all aspects of station operations. Each one requires a hardworking effort to obtain each point. In front of the standard model "pump station engineering management unit hard training both inside and outside the power, while doing a good job at the same time, actively coordinate the development of external, storage of water storage; internal strict system, strict management, the task decomposition, From time to attendance and daily routine work, we constantly check and supervise each other to reduce the gap, and the management of pump station gradually stepped into the standard orbit, and the operating condition and management level are continuously improved.2.Promoting the pump station to provide quality service for agriculture And the national economy to provide safety and security Pumping station management unit and the local township government signed a majority of water supply and drainage contracts, the contract clearly the responsibilities, obligations and risks of both parties in order to fulfill the contract, water supply and drainage side must ensure that equipment can timely water, in addition to Normal care, maintenance, good safety production, but also actively apply for financing for equipment renovation, in order to expand water supply capacity, improve water supply and drainage protection rate for agriculture and national economic growth provide strong and secure protection. The responsibility, prompting the pumping station income and saving, improve economic efficiency Water supply and drainage contracts clarify the responsibilities and obligations of water supply and drainage parties and beneficiaries. As an independent accounting unit, the water supply and drainage departments internally tap potentials and save expenditures. In the meantime, the water supply and drainage plans are formulated in accordance with the requirements of reasonable scheduling, scientific arrangements and unit adjustment Peak avoidance operation, drainage pump station to the drainage line from day and night, unhurried to grab row; summer heat, irrigation station workers risked the heat of the engine room to adhere to the post. Pump station workers civilization, quality service, has been Benefit from the approval of the unit, the majority of water users take the initiative to pay the water fee on time, laying the foundation for the realization of the annual economic goals 4, to promote the implementation of integrated management projects, the pump station full of vitality into the pump station due to their seasonal characteristics, Pumping station project management unit only rely on the main business income is not enough, but also need to make full use of local water, soil, human resources, actively and steadily carry out comprehensive management projects, such as maintenance, processing, breeding, leasing, installation, business, etc. Expand the market, and actively expand the living space The state has undergone a welcome change of the environment greening and landscaping on behalf of the external image of the unit, pumping station engineering management unit to take health scribing, responsibility to people; combined with pumping station technical transformation, the implementation of office and living area isolation; garbage designated dumping; Vigorously planted and planted trees, intensified management, afforestation and beautified the surrounding environment. Facing the severe challenges facing agriculture after China's accession to '()', all employees participated in the training, examination, grading, labor skills competition, etc. Through the implementation of pumping station assessment It can be found that the station appearance of the standard pump station has undergone fundamental changes and many pumping stations have become a beautiful local landscape.Pump station assessment work should become an integral part of pumping station management so that the pump station assessment at the pump station Production and management activities played a scientific, standardized and institutionalized role in promoting the continuous improvement of the management level of pumping station!

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