How does a high lift truck driver alleviate back pain?

Because the aerial vehicle driver often maintains a seated position for a long time, the waist often suffers from soreness. The muscles are in a state of static tension and are prone to fatigue of the muscles in the waist. When the psoas muscle is fatigued for a long time and cannot be relaxed, it converts. For the lumbar muscle strain, under the impact of external forces such as high-altitude jockeys, it may even induce lumbar disc herniation.

Doctors recommend that the duration of one-time continuous driving of high-altitude truck drivers should not be too long, especially when the road conditions are not good, the speed should not be too fast, to avoid reducing the damage caused by severe jolts on the spine. Mats are also suitable, Suitable cushions can be placed on the seat and backrest. In addition, the driver should participate in more sports, and it is best to choose a systemic, large-muscle group to participate in sports such as running, brisk walking, etc.

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