How to maintain the mixer hydraulic system

How to maintain the hydraulic system of the mixer truck The hydraulic system of the concrete mixer truck is the core part of the top loading operation of the eight-wheel mixer truck after the entire east wind. Once the hydraulic system is hindered and the maintenance is not performed in real time, the concrete will be solidified in the mixing drum, which will cause the user to Great loss. Therefore, in daily use, we must rely on correct manipulation of essentials to control and maintain. Here are 8 points you need to pay attention to:
1. The use of new vehicles for 50 hours will inevitably require tightening of the bolts on the pump and the motor and the reducer;
2. Before starting each time, please check the oil level of the hydraulic oil, such as the invention box and the reducer oil window, and the color of the oil. According to the environment, the oil may be changed;
3, Sharon DeLong Concrete Mixer things to pay attention to checking hydraulic oil tank filter and vacuum gauge, prevent the filter due to excessive oil quality caused by excessive oil return resistance, such as the invention of resistance is too large, should be replaced filter replacement, or even change the hydraulic pressure oil;
4, often check the oil pump and motor, check whether the adjacent parts of the hydraulic oil leakage, the interface is loose, especially the suction line of the hydraulic pump is easy to loosen the intake air, resulting in system noise and the fuel tank breathing outlet to the outside;
5, the appearance of the fan of the hydraulic system fan is kept clean to ensure the excellent heat dissipation result. We must pay attention to whether the fan is moving;
6, in the cold start (especially the winter) to run at least 20 minutes before reloading;
7, each time you start the hydraulic pump's joystick should be placed in the middle position, when the hydraulic pump is not used to jerk, in order to change the bias, it is bound to be placed in the middle stagnation more than 5 seconds;
8. When you encounter poor road conditions, be careful driving to stop damage to the reducer main bearings.

Air-Fluid Male Swivel Elbow - Male Thread BSPT

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