Connection method and cleaning method of electromagnetic flowmeter and pipeline

Electromagnetic flowmeter and pipeline connection methods include flange connection, clamp connection, sanitary connection and screw connection. The following personnel of Changzhou Chengfeng Instrument will take you to briefly understand.

1. The sanitary type small-diameter hygienic electromagnetic flowmeter connected to Changzhou Chengfeng Instrument adopts a sanitary connection, which is a clamp-type connection. This method is connected with the IDF holding member of the International Dairy Federation to achieve rapid disassembly and installation. Easy daily cleaning.

2, screw connection Changzhou Cheng Feng instrument small diameter electromagnetic flowmeter also uses threaded connection. This type of instrument is widely used in medicine, food and other industrial and pharmaceutical industry ratio injection and other places. Threaded connections are also used in oil, geological exploration and other high-pressure water injection or cement slurry flow measurement 16 ~ 25MPa, thread shape is trapezoidal.

3. Flange connection Flange connection is a traditional connection method. Electromagnetic flowmeter sensors have connection flanges at both ends and are fixed with pipe bolts and can be installed in one direction. The sensor of large-caliber electromagnetic flowmeter manufactured by Changzhou Chengfeng Instrument Co., Ltd. adopts this connection method. Both size and weight are larger than clip-on connections.

The length of the two flange surfaces of the DN15~600mm electromagnetic flowmeter has been standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO13359; 1998).

4. Clip connection The clip connection is a connection method that has been developed in recent years. The sensor of the electromagnetic flow meter itself cannot be blue, and it is clamped between the two flanges of the pipe by a long bolt. The sensor of this connection mode is small in size and light in weight. It has strong adaptability to different pressure specifications and flange spacing of standard pipe flanges; however, it is only suitable for smaller pipe diameters (below DN200mm) and withstands low working pressure of fluids.

Since the electromagnetic flowmeter is used for a long time, its electrodes are easily contaminated by the medium. The technicians of Changzhou Chengfeng Instrument Company will introduce the electrode cleaning method of electromagnetic flowmeter to you.

Electrical breakdown method: This method uses AC high-voltage electricity periodically added between the electrode and the medium, generally adding 30~100V. As the electrode is attached, its surface contact resistance becomes larger, the applied voltage is almost concentrated on the attached matter, and the high voltage breaks down the attached matter and is then washed away by the fluid. The starting point for total safety, the use of electrical breakdown method must be in the flow meter interrupt measurement, the signal line between the sensor and the converter is disconnected, the power failure of the AC high voltage directly in the sensor signal output terminal for cleaning. The following are several kinds of special media to the electromagnetic flowmeter electrode contamination cleaning methods for organic oil and oil film pollution, can use detergent to clean platinum or gold surface after cleaning with pure water, and then immersed in 3.5MOL/L potassium chloride solution to soak 6 Use after hours.

The surface of platinum is heavily polluted by an oxide film. The surface of platinum or gold can be polished with toothpaste, then washed with pure water, and then immersed in 3.5MOL/L potassium chloride solution for 6 hours before use.

For inorganic contamination, the electrode may be immersed in 0.1 mol/L dilute hydrochloric acid for 30 minutes, rinsed with pure water, and immersed in 3.5 MOL/L potassium chloride solution for 6 hours before use.

Immerse for 3-5s in 4% hydrogen fluoride solution, remove with distilled water, then soak in 0.1mol/L hydrochloric acid solution for several hours, rinse with distilled water, calibration

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