How to reduce maintenance costs

I believe that everything in the world is relative to each other. For example, now the common sweepers in urban sanitation work, after using sweepers, urban sanitation work is more convenient, but it is to repair cars and keep cars. Some expenses will also increase dramatically when using vehicles. So how can a cleaning vehicle effectively save money? Under normal circumstances, the daily cost of a sweeper consists of maintenance, repair, accessories, work hours, and other related materials. When using the new car for the first time under the normal maintenance costs compared to the still relatively low, however, after washing the car using the sweep to a certain age and mileage will be entered into the maintenance period, then the cost will be gradually increased. In fact, under the condition of ensuring quality, it can also save the maintenance cost of the cleaning vehicle.

1. The high frequency of maintenance performed by the sweeping vehicles is not a non-negligible thing. However, it is necessary to be able to effectively guarantee the various performances of the sweeping vehicles before they can be carried out. The various components of the vehicle can be determined very scientifically and scientifically. The interval between maintenance work not only allows the vehicle to be kept in a better state of use, but also effectively saves maintenance costs and maintenance costs for the driver. When confirming the maintenance cycle of the cleaning vehicle, it is still necessary to refer to the maintenance cycle manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer, and then combine the actual use of the vehicle and the technical condition of the driver to properly adjust the maintenance cycle of the cleaning vehicle. .

Second, you can make good use of some of the free services provided by the long-term cleaning vehicle manufacturers, such as free maintenance, testing, component parts maintenance, etc., and you can make full use of these resources without spending your own money.

Third, a reasonable choice of cleaning vehicle lubricants and fuel is a very important point. If the fuel used by the sweeper is improperly selected, it will easily cause malfunctions such as clogging of the fuel filter, causing the engine of the sweeper to suffer from poor acceleration, increased fuel consumption, unstable idle speed, etc. This phenomenon will even accelerate the wear of the cylinder, resulting in a shortened life of the engine. Therefore, the improper choice of fuel oil will go out for the cost of repairs and maintenance of the vehicle. So the quality of different grades and different brands of lubricants is also very different, there is a price gap, but here is not necessarily the more expensive the better, we just need to purchase according to the use of the cleaning vehicle can be. (Text / Sun Ni)

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