In the summer, the mosquitoes hit the eye again and the folk cows were able to get 5 bucks easily.

In the summer, many mosquitoes, especially at night, met with lights like moths and fires. It was an unpleasant upward rush, but for the driver, it was a beating. Instead of being beaten, they are afraid of blinding their eyes and affecting the safety of driving. Many of the driver's friends are troubled and think of many solutions. There is such a rain-fighting 777 card friend, in order to solve this problem, whimsy, to install the vehicle pest network, seemingly simple but very practical.


Insect nets are installed on the side mirrors on both sides of the vehicle. The method is very simple and a total of 5 yuan will be paid. First prepare materials, insect nets and long tail clips. Before buying insect nets, measure the width of your rearview mirror to the door, and then buy the right amount of insect nets. The cost is not expensive, 1.2 yuan and 5 yuan. About 50 long tail clips, some reserved for use. The long tail clip is preferably 1.5 cm in size, which is too large to affect the appearance, and the edges are narrow and easy to slip off.


Then start the installation, first clamp the side of the gauze and the side of the mirror with long tail clips, and then tighten the other side with the door edge of the cab, then cut off the excess gauze, and finally remove the long tail clip. Tail, a simple and practical pest control device will be done.


It's not difficult to unload the tail of the long tail clamp. You will destroy anyone, think about the tail you want to remove, and then try to unload it. Of course, it is not so complicated that you can find ways to squeeze your tail. Let the two sides lean back to the middle, and take one side out first, and the other side comes out very easily.

Looked at this card friend's pest control coup, really have to admire, experts in the civil ah, simple, economical, practical. Put on insect nets, perhaps open the windows again, when the natural wind blows, it is really a pleasant enjoyment, those who are still bewildered by the driver's friends do not try.

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