The "Opinions" introduced the mechanized production of potatoes or will usher in the golden age?

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] In February this year, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Potato Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). The "Opinions" proposed to strive to expand the potato planting area to more than 100 million mu by 2020, the proportion of varieties suitable for staple food processing reached 30%, and the staple food consumption accounted for 30% of the total potato consumption. This is another important policy policy and initiative after the introduction of potato staple foods since last year.
"Opinions" introduced Potato mechanized production or will usher in a golden age?
The "Opinions" proposes to implement the national food security strategy under the new situation, promote the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture, firmly establish the concept of "nutrition to guide consumption, consumption and guide production", increase policy support, strengthen infrastructure, and rely on technological innovation. Improve material and equipment, speed up the industrial development of potato staple food products, select a batch of suitable staple food processing varieties, build a batch of raw material production bases, create a group of leading food processing leading enterprises, cultivate consumers' habit of eating potatoes, and promote the consumption of potato by non-staple food. Change to staple food consumption, change from raw materials to processed products, change from food and clothing consumption to nutritious health consumption, cultivate a staple food culture in a well-off society, guarantee national food security, and promote agricultural quality improvement and sustainable development.
This is undoubtedly an exciting news for potato practitioners, including our potato production machinery. It can be imagined that the promulgation of the "Opinions" reflects to some extent a certain consensus of the top leaders of the country, and also reflects the will of the Ministry of Agriculture as the competent authority for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. However, for our work in agricultural mechanization, we are more concerned about whether the Ministry of Agriculture can form a strong boost to the mechanization of potato machine production, whether it can solve the backward situation of potato mechanization in China, and even create a round of agricultural machinery. The golden age of potato mechanization?
It can be said that this "Opinions" not only has goals, but also initiatives, and there are more dry goods. The "Opinions" introduced some specific support measures, such as "enhancing policy support", pointing out that the potato production support policy should be improved, policies such as agricultural support protection subsidies and agricultural machinery purchase subsidies should be implemented; investment in potato production should be increased to support seed potatoes. Production, storage facilities construction, standardized production technology promotion, market and information services; actively explore the credit guarantee and insurance mechanism of the potato industry, guide financial institutions to expand credit support for the potato staple food industry, increase the credit line, and implement preferential interest rates; The “increase investment in scientific research” also proposed to promote the establishment of potato staple food processing technology and equipment research and development center, guide and promote potato processing enterprises to establish scientific and technological innovation platforms and research and development bases, and encourage the establishment of research and development centers and industrial technology innovations with universities and research institutes. Strategic Alliance. All of these have greater operability.
The development of agricultural mechanization cannot be separated from the overall development environment of the country's economic and social development, and cannot be separated from the state's policy support. The agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy drives the rapid development of China's agricultural machinery is a good example. In fact, not only in the field of agricultural machinery, but also in many industries, if they want to develop faster, they are inseparable from the promotion at the national level, such as home appliances, new energy vehicles, etc., due to the subsidies of the state, market consumption has risen to a new level, objective It has also greatly promoted the development of these industries. As a weak industry, agriculture is less likely to support the country's policies. The mechanization of corn in the field of agricultural machinery also provides a vivid precedent. After the mechanization of wheat harvesting is basically completed, some places are tilting to the corn harvester in terms of purchase. In just three or four years, the corn harvester market in China has been rapidly driven. Prosperity has promoted the continuous maturity and technological upgrading of China's corn harvesters, and the level of corn mechanization has increased over the years.
At present, the difficulty of mechanization of potatoes is the mechanization of harvesting. On the whole, domestic enterprises have not yet reached scale and climate, and they are technically different from foreign advanced levels. Although there are quite a lot of corn harvesting machinery enterprises in China, they are basically “shrimp”-level enterprises, and they have not formed a truly excellent brand. The more famous ones are also the machine Mieno, Xisen Tiancheng, etc. A few. In some of the main potato growing areas, when it comes to potato harvesters, people are more concerned about the German Glimmo brand. This is extremely incompatible with the state of potato planting and the stage of agricultural development in China.
China's potato planting area is very large, from south to north, which is destined to be a fascinating and huge market for potato machinery. For our agricultural machinery and potato machinery practitioners, it also faces good development opportunities. At present, everyone likes to apply the term “supply side”. From the perspective of potato mechanization, it is not necessary to provide machines with mature technology and reliable products to meet the needs of users in the potato growing areas. In recent years, the potato production machinery, especially the harvesting machinery market, is not optimistic. The reason is that the cost of potato cultivation is too high, which leads to the lack of competitiveness of the potato in China. The low income of farmers leads to the lack of purchasing power of machinery and the high cost of potato cultivation. This has led to the lack of competitiveness in various industrial chains such as downstream processing companies. It can be said that the mechanization of potato production is a "bull nose" that promotes the overall prosperity and prosperity of China's potato industry.
With the introduction of the "Opinions", it should cause a round of potato mechanization, but this process is tortuous, more difficult than mechanization of corn, and it takes a long period of time. The reason is that there is a lack of corresponding technology accumulation. Second, there is no big enterprise to enter, the progress of industrial development will be relatively slow. Third, the degree of potato mechanization development is closely related to the development level of the potato industry (chain). At the moment, we need to overcome the impulse in the field of agricultural machinery and make careful planning decisions. The first step is how to develop better products, especially for domestic enterprises. It is unrealistic to rely on foreign brands for the comprehensive development of potato mechanization. It is necessary to join and strive for the majority of Chinese-funded enterprises. For the competent authorities, how to promote the orderly and healthy development of China's potato mechanization should also become an important task for some time to come.
(Original title: Is the golden age of mechanized potato production coming soon?)

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