·Changsha motor vehicles are not registered in the national IV emission standards

According to the "Notice of the Changsha Municipal People's Government on Implementing the National Stage 4 Motor Vehicle Pollutant Emission Standards", since December 15, 2014, the Changsha Public Security Traffic Police Vehicle Management Department will not provide vehicles that do not meet the National IV standards. Registration and transfer registration.
Zhang Zheng, a police officer of the Changsha Vehicle Management Office, said that the traffic police department of the traffic police will strictly enforce the notice. When buying a new car, please confirm whether the vehicle emission standard meets the national IV standard. If the vehicle does not meet the national IV standard, do not buy it. At the same time, the foreign vehicle is transferred. Changsha, please confirm whether the vehicle exhaust emissions meet the national IV standard.

Electric Airless Sprayer with piston pump is specifically designed for the professional painter, equipped with EzControl system and TEFC Brushless DC motor. 
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Electric Airless Paint Spray Machine Advantage
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The imported leather V-packing also provide the machine longer lifetime.

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3)  Easy out Manifold Filter
Easy out manifold filter will reduce the tip clogs. The pump filter could be disassembled by hand easily.

4) Smart Pressure Control system
Latest pressure control system delivers a consistent spray fan at all spraying pressure. And with digital display, you can read and regulate the pressure easily. The microprocessor will generate the fast response when spraying.

5) Stainless Steel Rack.
Stainless steel Rack makes the machine firm stand

Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

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