Domestic high-end CNC machine tools suffer from market downturn

Domestic high-end CNC machine tools suffer from market downturn

Domestic high-end CNC machine tools were met with cold markets. Since last year, the demand growth of the domestic machinery industry has shown a slowing trend. Many tactile and sensitive machine tool companies have already felt that with the transformation and upgrading of China's national economy, the explosive growth of demand in the early stages of industrialization is about to pass, and the industry’s level of equipment, The requirements for quality will become higher and higher, and the market for high-end CNC machine tools in China will become a battleground for military strategists.

In the workshop of Changsha Machine Tool, the reporter saw this year's CNC machine tools that shined at the China International Machine Tool Fair. “Now it is processing gears in batches for the intended customers.” According to the person in charge of Changsha Machine Tool, the current CNC crucible machine tool technology is already very mature and can be used directly in production and processing. There are also many companies that have expressed interest in buying, but There has been no deal to date.

"Customers think that the price is too high is the main reason." The person in charge said bluntly, "But there is no way, our key components of this machine are imported from abroad, and the cost itself is very high."

Even the simplest parts, once used on precision machine tools, must reach a certain degree of precision. The functional components needed for CNC machine tools, such as bearings, oscillating heads, and gratings, are all at the starting stage in China and cannot produce first-class products. The most common components such as screws, guide rails, and knives are also lagging behind. For Chinese companies that are committed to building high-end CNC machine tools, not only are the high-end segments firmly branded by foreign brands, but also high-quality components. Need to import, this brings no hindrance to the industry upgrade.

Small and medium-sized customers can't afford it, and large companies can't use it. "Some large-scale joint ventures have already used the foreign CNC machine tools at the beginning of the production line design. If they want to change the 'parent machine', the product can not be applied on the one hand, and on the other hand, the joint venture can not accept it is also the key." Peng Keli, deputy general manager of Hunan Haijie Precision Industry Co., Ltd., said, “In such a situation, we can only provide trial services to those customers who are interested in purchasing, and let them feel the benefits of high-end CNC machine tools in the country, so as to obtain the customer’s stand by."

Exploring: All significant powers strive to enter the "high society." Cracking the industrial development of domestic machine tools, on the one hand, the major companies to strengthen the hard power of the main products, on the other hand, machine tool companies have also launched different levels of CNC machine tools for different customer groups.

As the trump card of Changsha Machine Tool, the broaching series has always been the first in the country. “The most common application is in the automotive sector. Last year, Chery Automobile placed an order of 800 million in us within three months.” The person in charge of Changsha Machine Tool Co., Ltd. introduced: “Like domestic Sany Heavy Industry, BYD, and Chery, Geely and other companies, their gearboxes, gearboxes, transmission shafts, and tank engines are all machined by our company's broaching machines."

Traditional advantages can not be lost, and high-end technology must catch up. Haijie's sophisticated CNC8312A CNC high-speed camshaft grinder has been used by many companies in the military industry.

On the other hand, the formation of a technology system that integrates production, education and research with enterprises as the main body is also a choice for many companies to change the competitiveness of high-end CNC machine tools. “Although we go to universities every year to tap professional talents, the training process of CNC machine tools is very long. At present, the level of treatment is limited, and the loss of talents is also serious. Therefore, the combination of production, learning and research is still the direction of our current corporate development.” Changsha Machine Tool Manager said.

In the past five years, the average annual compound growth rate of China's CNC machine tools production was 37.39%. According to He Danyang, a researcher of the CNC machine tool industry of the Industry Research Institute of Forward Looking Industries, the average annual growth rate of CNC machine tools in China will exceed 10% in the future. By 2015, the demand for CNC systems in China will reach 400,000 sets, and annual sales will reach 850 billion yuan.

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