Comprehensive Analysis of Plant Root Image Monitoring and Analysis System

In principle, the absorption of soil moisture by plant roots is affected by the combination of soil properties, plant characteristics, and atmospheric factors. Ignoring any of these factors is not sufficient to study water uptake in plant roots or establish root water uptake models. The analysis of the water absorption function of many plant root image monitoring and analysis systems shows that the water absorption rate of the root system is proportional to the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of the soil and is proportional to the water potential difference between the soil and the plant, and the soil moisture content. Or the soil water potential is also closely related to the plant root image monitoring and analysis system test found that soil water retention also affects the absorption of soil moisture in the plant roots, soil water retention properties and texture, structure related, generally the finest soil has the largest total water holding capacity However, the medium-sized soil holds the largest effective amount of water, and the specific water capacity is an important indicator of the water-holding capacity of the soil. Therefore, the coarse-grained soil has a higher specific water capacity than the fine-quality soil in the low-suction section, but in the high-suction section Below fine soil.

The influence of plant factors on root water mainly manifests in the size of root density and the size of effective root density. The analysis of plant root image monitoring and analysis system plays a dominant role in plant water absorption. Generally, when the soil moisture is sufficient, the root density has little effect on the water absorption rate. As the soil dries, the root system plays an important role in water absorption. This is because the developed root system can reduce the resistance to soil flow.

The vertical distribution depth of the root system also directly affects the absorption and utilization of the soil. The conditions for the biologically effective deep-water storage to occur are the downward extension of the root system. The leaf area and leaf area index of crops also have a great influence on the water uptake by the plant roots. When the soil moisture content is high, the water uptake rate of the roots is directly proportional to the leaf area from the plant root image monitoring and analysis system. When the soil water content is low, the root system The correlation between the rate of water absorption and the area of ​​the leaf is minimal, and a decrease in the leaf area index leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of the plant to the state of the water.

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