Study on the Stability of Red Clover by Chlorophyll Meter

The pretreating waste water of Trifolium repens is the operation of extracting isoflavones from red trilobites, crushing new red trilobites and washing waste water. It is necessary to use modern biotechnology means to purify the red clover pretreatment wastewater and recycle as much organic matter as possible. This can not only achieve the purpose of eliminating pollution and protecting the environment, but also realize the resource utilization of red clover pre-processing wastewater, and determining the chlorophyll content in the extruded red clover by chlorophyll analyzer.

Studies on the stability of chlorophylls Weigh 5.0 g of crude chlorophyll extract, dissolve in 90% ethanol, discard the precipitate, and use the supernatant as a stock solution for chlorophyll stability studies. There are many factors affecting the extraction and stability of chlorophyll. For example, when the temperature is less than 60°C, the content of chlorophyll meter remains almost unchanged, and the color of the solution is bright; when the temperature is between 70 and 90°C, the content decreases slowly. It can be seen that the chlorophyll heat resistance is good; and when the temperature is greater than 100°C, the content decreases rapidly, probably because the high temperature accelerates the devolatilization of chlorophyll.

The effect of light on the stability of chlorophyll: Illumination has a great influence on the stability of chlorophyll. Under light conditions, the content measured by the chlorophyll meter gradually decreases, and the greater the light intensity, the more obvious the change, which shows that the light accelerates the decomposition of chlorophyll; in the dark conditions, the content remains almost unchanged. Therefore, during transportation and storage, the chlorophyll or the material used for its coloration should be protected from exposure to light or prolonged exposure.

In addition, the determination of the content of chlorophyll meter also has a PH value. When the pH is less than or equal to 4.0, the content rapidly decreases. This may be because the strong acid will cause chlorophyll demagging; when the pH is between 6.0 and 8.0, the content remains basically unchanged, and A relatively stable color can be maintained; however, when the pH is more than 10.0, the solution gradually becomes yellow, although the content remains almost the same, which may be due to the strong alkali causing deesterification of chlorophyll.

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